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Contempt of Court?

Posted by on 18 Jun 2012 | 1,696 views
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The South Cheatham Advocate had an interesting letter from Randy Starkey this week. In the letter, Randy Starkey claimed that he was in Cheatham County jail for civil contempt. Starkey formed a partnership called Minor Miracle Productions LLC to produce a movie. Starkey wrote and directed the film called The Haywood, and his partner David Richards provided funding for the film.

Starkey and Richards got into a dispute during work on the film. Since Minor Miracle Productions was an Idaho-based company, and a lawsuit was filed in Idaho courts.  The company won the case in Idaho. Another separate case was filed in Tennessee. The Tennessee courts also ruled in favor of the company.

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  • Inman said:

    Randy Starkey was in fact in jail when the letter was written. The letter was handwritten in pencil and can be confirmed by The Cheatham County Advocate.

    Randy was wrongfully arrested for being unwilling to voluntarily turn over his copyrighted material pertaining to the movie. It is unlawful to force someone to surrender a copyright. Everyone should stand up and support this guy. Our citizens can not afford to continue to give up their freedoms.

  • Robert Bob said:


    You need to get all the facts before you start proclaiming Starkey’s innocence. Starkey was not wrongfully arrested! He should have been arrested long ago for his total distain and abuse of the courts.
    There are many reasons Starkey was in jail and still should be and will be again.

    I will list you some documented facts proven in nine different courts over six years, in three different states including Starkey’s appeals. These are the documented reasons Randy Starkey was in jailed. (Starkey has also taken his bogus claim to the United States Supreme Court and his claim was quickly denied)

    Documented Fact: Starkey does not own the copyright to the movie. Minor Miracle Productions does. Well after the dispute had started Starkey fraudulantly copyrighted the movie in his name without the owners knowledge to attempt to get full control of the movie. Every court this has went before has agreed and affirmed that Minor Miracle Productions and Mr. Richards are the rightful copyright owners of the movie. Not Randy Starkey!

    Documented Fact: Starkey has stolen hundreds of thousands of dollars of movie equipment, cash and other property from the prodution company and Mr. Richards.

    Documented Fact: Starkey has stolen thousands of dollars of cash from Mr. Richards and the production company and refuses to make an accounting for any of the money even when ordered to do so by the courts. Let me be clear Starkey was ordered by the courts through discovery to account for where he spent this money and he has refused.

    Documented Fact: It has been clearly proven that Starkey used Minor Miracle Productions receipts on his personal income tax returns to receive large tax refunds. This has been documented by the IRS. Using company deductions on your personal tax returns is not a civil matter, it is criminal fraud! (Proof, google Starkey IRS dockets and read for yourself)

    Documented Fact: The courts have levied many monitary sanctions and court costs against Starkey over the last six years for his unwillingness to cooperate with the courts. To date he has not paid one cent. It has been proven that the only way to get Starkey to adhere to the law and abide with the court orders is to put him in jail.

    Documented Fact: Starkey has stolen large sums of money, guns, wordrobe, camera equipment, computers, hard drives, editing equipment and countless other company and personal property and simply refuses to return it to its rightfull owners. All of the courts that this dispute has went before have agreed and ordered Starkey to return this property and Starkey has arrogantly refused.

    Documented Fact: Starkey has filed many appeals in different states and never apears, he is scared to death to show up because he knows all his claims are lie’s and have no merit. If Starkey was telling the truth, why will he not show up at his own appeals and prove his case? Starkey didn’t show for his contempt hearing. For that alone he deserves to go to jail.

    There were over two hundred people involved in this movie project and many of them have witten affidavits to the courts stating the fraudulent activity of Starkey throughout the movie project. If Starkey was telling the truth he could get affidavits from those involved to collaborate his claims. He can not because no one is willing to lie for him.

    You have stated that our citizens can not afford to continue to give up our freedoms. We as citizens also can not afford to let people like Randy Starkey thumb his nose at our court system and disreguard their santions and orders as he clearly has. Starkey can not be allowed to run loss to freely embezzle, steal, cheat and commit fraud against anyone he choses. That is why we have prisons, for the Randy Starkey’s of the world that think they are exempt from our laws.

    Randy Starkey is again trying his best to get anyone that will listen to take a big sip of his latest batch of Starkey kool-aid. Starkey should be in jail for what he has done to so many people. He is a fraud and a theif.

    Starkey was jailed for disobeying the court (contempt) and was given thirty days but was released in ten. To date, Starkey has not complied with any of the court orders or santions he was held in contempt and jailed for.

    The persuit of justice will continue untill justice is served.

  • James said:

    I know Randy Starkey way to well everything said by Robert Bob is completly true. The man should deffinetly be in prison for what he’s done. He is trying to get people to beleive that he is the victim of the very thing he should be in prison for. Lets get the vermin off our streets and away from our kids. What an obvious example of our failing court system and law enforcment. Starkey should be in prison.

  • Robert Bob said:

    Well said James. The real question is why and the h*** was Starkey released from Cheatham county jail? This guy has refused to show up to court hearings for years, yet he files about one new lawsuit a month. Starkey was filing new lawsuits at the Cheatham county courthouse even while there was a warrant for his arrest in that county. My understanding was that failure to appear was an arresting offence. Starkey was evading arrest for some time before he was finaly caught which should of added more time to his contempt sentance not shorten it. I herd he had a car load of guns and clothes in his vehicle when arrested. It dosen’t take a genius to conclude he was evading and ready to flee the sate at a moments notice. The realese of Starkey after the authorities have tried so long to catch him is baffling to everyone. To date Starkey has not complied with as much as one court order or sanction rendered against him in over six years. Maybe embezzlment,theft and fraud are no longer illegal in Cheatham county.

  • Horseshoe said:

    I too have had the displeasure of doing business with Randy Starkey and his wife. I did over $25,000 dollars of work for them and haven’t been paid one penny. I’ve spent 4 years trying to get them to pay me with no success. I have since found that the is a large faternity of people that the Starkey’s have swindled over the years. It dosen’t do any go to take these people to court because like in you case they don’t ever show. Yes, failure to appear is an arresting offence. The problem in this county is, you can’t get anyone to enforce it. Starkey and his wife Jan have a great thing going here, a cash cow if you will. They have found that they can steal or defraud other hard working people from their money and so far they have never been held accountable for what they have done. I to am aware they have been in court with the IRS for fraud.

    Inman must be on the gravy train with the Starkey’s or a relitive drawing a precentage of the thefts and scams they run.

    “Everyone should stand up and support this guy” Thats like saying we should of all supported Hitler! Come on man, get your head out. I have struggled to feed my family for the last four years because this idiot refuses to pay me. I read another post on the web where someone discribed Randy Starkey as a “human parasite”. That is the perfect discription of the guy. Someone the lives off of other people. If anyone finds a way to put these people in prison, I’m all in.

  • Robert Bob said:

    My guess is Inman is Randy Starkey. Trying his best to drum up support from anyone he can to save his bacon. Who could possibly care if the letter that was written to the Cheatham County Advocate was handwritten or in pencil. The only reason for someone to state that is to try and get people to feel sorry for him. Definitely a well used Starkey tactic. I would like to hear Inman’s explaination of why Starkey refuses, when ordered by the courts, to account for over a million dollars of cash, equipment and property. If Starkey has done nothing wrong as Inman stated, why does Starkey refuse to show up in court and defend his position. Simple, he knows he is guilty of theft and fraud.